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Cwlwm Necklaces

Cwlwm Necklaces


Cwlwm (pronounced 'koo-lum') is from the Welsh for 'knotted'.

Cwlwm beads are cast in solid Sterling Silver and encrusted with 
the eternal magic of original Celtic knotwork. Silver has a value beyond
 its beauty and is known as the "Ore of New Beginnings".                      

Solid sterling silver Cwlwm beads, are combined with genuine gembeads and silver fillers. Each gemstone has its own informative label. Cwlwm necklaces are average 17” long and are fastened with a toggle clasp. They are presented in black boxes.                 

Cwlwm jewellery is stylish and elegant, timelessly infused with the magic
 of the ancient Celts.

All components used in the manufacture of Cwlwm jewellery are of the finest quality sterling silver. 

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